The rules of LilGasmask666's Community Minecraft Server are listed here. In case of uncertainty regarding the rules, feel free to consult a staff member. Upon noticing a player breaking a rule, please notify a staff member.

Rule Inheritance

All rules of LilGasmask666's Community Discord Server also apply on the Minecraft Server. Among other things, this means chatting rules apply to the in-game text and voice chats, as well as Minecraft usernames. Additionally, the content rules are also extended to cover content on the Minecraft Server, including structures, books, signs, skins, links in chat etc.


Griefing is strictly prohibited and will result in a warning or ban. Examples of griefing include:


Cheating and/or hacking is strictly prohibited and will result in a warning or ban. Examples of cheating and/or hacking include:

Vanilla Mechanics

In general, exploitation of vanilla mechanics and/or glitches is allowed. Examples of allowed vanilla exploits include:

However, a few exceptions are made. These include: If you are unsure of the legality of a particular vanilla mechanic, feel free to consult the staff.

Player Interaction

In general, players are encouraged to be cooperative and considerate. The server is built around a community, and is not based on economic or competitive systems. There is no harm in helping or looking out for each other. Still, a few rules are laid out to cover player interactions: