Tips & Info

Land Protection

The server allows players to claim land in order to protect their builds. Although griefing is not allowed, land claiming offers additional peace of mind when putting large effort into build projects.

Land claiming is provided by the Flan mod, and a usage guide is provided by the mod author. The golden hoe is retained as the claim tool, but the inspect tool is a golden shovel rather than a stick. This is to avoid conflicts with other mods such as Litematica.

Any player can only claim a finite number of blocks. Players start with 500 claim blocks available and gain more blocks over time up to a limit of 5000. If build ambitions exceed the claim block limit, players can request additional claim blocks from staff. However, requests must be reasonable - do not claim the entire world only to use a corner of it. Staff reserve the right to deny claim block requests as well as modify or remove claims.


A variety of client-side utility mods require server-side components for some or all of their functionality. Listed here are the ones supported on this server.

Proximity Voice Chat

The server supports proximity voice chat via Plasmo Voice. The mod provides no functionality to vanilla clients, but is available for and compatible with both Fabric and Forge clients.

Minimap and World Map

Xaero's Minimap and Xaero's World Map are installed on the server. Both are available for Fabric and Forge. The server-side components are primarily used for world identification, as most of the features only rely on the client. Since the server is not pvp-focused, use of the full version of Xaero's Minimap is permitted.

Inventory Sorting

The mod Inventory Sorting is installed on the server. However, it is only available for Fabric clients.


All features of MiniHUD work without server-side components with the exception of Structure Bounding Boxes. For this purpose, Servux is installed on the server.

For Technical Minecraft Players

Many servers use CraftBukkit, Spigot or Paper to provide a wide range of features through plugin APIs as well as powerful performance optimisations - even when many players are online at once. In some cases, however, gameplay mechanics are altered in order to achieve said performance optimisations. In an effort to preserve vanilla gameplay mechanics, this server therefore runs on Fabric instead.

Performance Mods

To improve performance over pure vanilla Minecraft, the performance mods Lithium and Starlight have been installed. Lithium is committed to preserving vanilla behavior, meaning mob farms, redstone etc. should all work as intended. Meanwhile, Starlight is a complete rewrite of the lighting engine. This greatly improves performance, but certain lighting behavior may be different - particularly regarding light updates. For most applications, however, this has no influence.

Carpet Mod

The server has Carpet Mod installed to add a little extra functionality for technical players. It is configured as follows:

defaultloggers mobcaps,tps
commandLog true
commandPerimeterInfo true
commandProfile true
ctrlQCraftingFix true